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"My Life Turned Around Completely!"

I started this industry by accident. Back in 1999, I was looking for a sales job and I met Uncle Khor at a luncheon.

I immediately liked him because he has a good sense of humour. When he introduced me to the insurance industry, I wasn’t too happy – in fact I was quite reluctant! My brother was then an insurance agent at another life insurance company and he wasn’t doing well. After a few sessions PCE (Pre-Contract Examination) guided by Uncle Khor, I decided to try it out.

I met up with Uncle Khor every night to get my dose of motivation and review my progress. I was going to quit but then Uncle Khor sponsored me to a seminar which turned my life around. I was very inspired when I came back because my mindset changed. I believed that this is an industry where there’s plenty of gold but I needed to be persistent, put in effort and hang in there.

In my third year, I made a breakthrough. My only regret is that my mum isn’t here to share my success. My mum became blind after giving birth to me and yet she always loved me unconditionally. The year I made it I wanted to surprise her for Christmas – I wanted to drive her around in my brand new car and give her a big fat ang pow. Unfortunately she suffered a heart attack and passed away before I could do so.

After so many years I can say that this career has transformed my life. I followed Uncle Khor and learnt from him how to build a solid agency. Uncle Khor’s agency is like a home to me with a good mix of experienced and energetic people. You will definitely love being here!
William Tan
Group Sales Manager

"My Life Turned Around Completely!"

I got to know Auntie Khor as she was recommended to me by my brother when I wanted to get an insurance plan for my daughter. She invited me to join this industry but I was quite reluctant until one day, she mentioned to me the title of a Chinese song “不要以为自己没有用” (“Don’t underestimate yourself”). This song pretty much described my feelings because I was then working in a 9 to 5 job but I wasn’t happy. So I started as a part-time insurance agent in 1998.

Looking back, I would have never imagined myself here today. It has been an awesome journey and hard work really pays well! It was not an easy journey at the beginning especially when handling the issue of insurance claims. Lucky for me, I have Auntie Khor’s knowledge and help!

Auntie Khor is always my greatest listener and problem-solver. I enjoy sharing with her my thinking as she is someone you can count on and not just for work problems either! I am lucky to have ended up with Uncle Khor’s team and agency because he has a lot of experience in leading teams. Leadership is very important as a good leader will increase your potential and support you if you have any weaknesses.

Uncle Khor is a good team builder and you can never find another claims specialist like Auntie Khor. If you are keen to join this industry, you need to have the guts to commit yourself and give yourself a chance to create miracles in your life. 不要以为自己没有用 (Never underestimate yourself)!
Angie Ng
Unit Sales Manager

"I Had Low Self Esteem But Look At Me Now!"

Uncle Khor was my course mate’s neighbour. He was always friendly. When I discovered he was with Great Eastern, I tried to avoid him because I disliked the insurance industry. I told him bluntly one day that I don’t think I’d join this industry. He replied, “How would you know? You’ve never explored it before.” He added, “If someone wants to introduce a girl to you, will you not at least take a look at the girl before you make up your mind?” His logic made sense.

That was 8 years ago and what a wonderful journey it has been! I had low self-esteem but now I am now a unit leader. This industry taught me that inside every mistake you make is a lesson waiting to be learned. Thinking back, I think it’s fated that I joined Uncle Khor. I love Uncle Khor’s guidance and stories – he is a great storyteller. He can captivate you with stories about determination, agency management, world economy and history.

Did I tell you the family atmosphere is great too? If you’re still thinking whether you should be in this industry – take a chance to explore and make things happen for yourself and your family.
Joo Seng
Unit Sales Manager

"If You Like Helping People, This Is For You."

I joined this industry in 2007 with the support of my husband. He saw a lot of potential in the insurance business. What triggered me to join this industry was the time when I was helping my brother with his medical insurance claims. It was very satisfying because I could see how the money really made a difference to families.

I love helping people so this was the perfect career choice. In this industry you have to have a dream for yourself and unleash your potential to reach your target. I love the environment at Uncle Khor’s agency and our team is always friendly, kind and willing to share. We are groomed to be mission agents not commission agents!
Lay See
Unit Sales Manager
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