Rewards & Recognition

When you join the insurance industry, you are taking tried-and-tested path towards personal and financial freedom. It’s a structured journey meant to maximise your potential and your income. With Uncle Khor’s agency support, knowledge and resources, we are confident that you’ll become one of our best performers!

Enjoy True Financial Freedom

Your income grows in tandem with your effort. It’s a great motivator because you can easily achieve financial freedom without having to wait until you are in your 50s! Get ready to enjoy your passive income. Let’s put it this way – you could be earning much more than your friends!  While your friends are complaining about their horrible bosses and lousy nine-to-five jobs, you could be earning the salary of their bosses!

Benefits Even After You Retire

One of the best things of working with Great Eastern Life is that you get an income even after you retire from this industry! Only offered by Great Eastern Life, this programme offers Deferred Benefits or Agent’s Retirement Benefit which allows you to reap financial benefits even after you’ve retired. The benefits are paid directly to you when you reach 55 years old. Isn’t this a fantastic way to retire? 

More Time For Your Family

If working crazy hours for others is not what you want, then consider a career in the insurance industry. You get to lead a more balanced life and enjoy more quality time with your family. You work flexible hours and you get to see more of your family and friends. Have holidays any time you wish. Or work for those amazing incentive overseas trips! Why slog in a nine-to-five job when you can have freedom and time for yourself?  

Leverage Our Success Formula

Dreamt of becoming your own boss? The dream is achievable and within your reach when you use our formula, experience and strategies! Be the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Rise to the challenge of managing your own team. Using our success formula and with Uncle Khor’s personal mentoring and guidance, you will develop and sharpen your leadership skills . We will show you how to be the success that you are meant to be! 

Your Own Agency in 3 Years!

In insurance, you may start as a life insurance advisor and later, you could end up managing your own agency and team when you hit all the right milestones within 3 to 5 years! To achieve this, you start by becoming a Unit Sales Manager. With solid results, you next become a Group Sales Manager and later, Senior Group Sales Manager. At the senior manager level, you’ll be handling your  own agency. And all this within 3 to 5 years! 

Get Uncle Khor's Coaching

The best thing about joining Uncle Khor is that you get personal coaching from one of the best in this industry – after all Uncle Khor has been succeeding in this industry for more than 40 years. Plus if you are ambitious and optimistic, we can help you reach for the stars. Get ready to succeed when you participate in amazing personal development workshops. Become a more confident communicator and marketer! All these are within your grasp! 

what his team says

Give Yourself a Chance to Succeed!

Looking back, I would have never imagined myself here today. It has been an awesome journey and hard work really pays well! It was not an easy journey at the beginning especially when handling the issue of insurance claims. Lucky for me, I have Auntie Khor’s knowledge and help!
Angie Ng
Unit Sales Manager
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