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If you’d like to have a career in the insurance industry but have had negative experiences before, do read through our FAQ. We have a different approach and this is why we have been successful in this industry. If you want to talk, contact us. 

Common Misconceptions

A lot of negative stories about this insurance industry comes from agents who forget that this is a relationship industry. We are trusted by our clients to offer them the best protection their money can buy. It is not the end of the story once we sign up a new client. It is the beginning of a lifelong relationship. You could lose friends if you are not trained properly in approaching a client or helping her with her needs. If your product knowledge is low, you could also misrepresent your industry and cause further problems such as rumours about agents who cheat and lie to their clients. That is why you need a good teacher, someone who has been there and done that and done it all successfully too. That makes the difference!

The beauty of the insurance industry is in its flexibility. You could always test it out by starting as a part-time agent. This way, you can see the differences between your present job and the perks and advantages of this insurance industry especially in terms of income potential. If you work as an employee, when do you think you could earn RM20K per month? In this industry, earning RM20K a month is easily achievable, if you have the right mentor and teacher. In fact, you could be earning much more than RM20K a month when you go full time into this career.

It’s true. Most people often encounter bad experiences but this happens in every industry. We admit that there are life insurance agents who spoil the good name of this industry by using dirty tactics to get people to buy insurance. But that’s just a few rotten apples. Have you heard of the success stories of our industry? This is the industry for you if you want to increase your income potential, have time to travel and see the world and be with friends and colleagues who will support you in your success journey. The insurance industry has some of the best learning and growth opportunities for anyone who is keen to chart their own success. That is why it’s not meant for everyone – it’s only suitable if you’re highly motivated and capable of taking not only success but disappointments in your stride.

This happens when an insurance agent has not been taught the proper way to approach family and friends when they decide to become insurance agents. In their eagerness to sell, most new agents often become overly pushy. This scares off a lot of friends and family. With Uncle Khor’s team and Uncle Khor’s 35 years’ worth of industry experience, you will learn a much better way to sell, without offending anyone.

Not really. In fact, the insured rate in Malaysia is currently at 45.5%. You have a lot of opportunities for growth and revenue. Our rate is much lower compared to Singapore at 228% and Taiwan at 208% which means it is not a saturated market as assumed. This industry is still flourishing with plenty of fantastic opportunities.

It is totally untrue. The basic commission structure for life insurance is the highest among all jobs which are commission-based. Also, you have the opportunity to earn a continuous passive income. The insurance industry provides excellent passive income from multiple sources such as basic commission, renewal income, over riding right up to deferred benefits when you’re old and no longer working.

You may have seen some agents who don’t understand fully the selling cycle. That is why you have this idea that they “beg” for business. We are positive that we can teach you the proper way to approach the selling process once you join our team. Trust us, if you use Uncle Khor’s methods, you will never be seen “begging” for business!

Starting Your Insurance Career

When you begin as an agent, you have two paths to succeed. If you love selling and meeting people, you do well as a Life Insurance Advisor. If you want to manage and run your own agency, you can take the path of becoming a Unit Sales Manager. After 3 years, you could become a Group Sales Manager. Once you reach Group Sales Manager, take it one step further and become a Senior Group Sales Manager. When you reach this level, you’ll be handling and running your own agency. If you’re hard-working, you could be handling your own agency in 5 years.

Go for an agency that is willing to help you develop so that you can run your own agency. At Uncle Khor’s agency, our aim is to groom you into a Group Sales Manager (GSM) with at least 10 people on your team. All this can happen within 5 years if you’re a fast learner.

The best thing about this industry is that you need minimal capital. You learn how to communicate and improve yourself through our continuous learning programmes. You’ll be with some of the most motivated and positive people who will not only cheer you on but help you up in times of need. The best part is that your income potential is limitless and you are no longer tied down to a regular nine-to-five job. You get to travel, network and have fun! Don’t forget, you are also helping people in times of need because insurance does provide a financial safety net for many people. Most of all, you have peace of mind that you are backed by the oldest insurance brand in Malaysia.

Uncle Khor is Mr Khor Hock Hui, who has been in this industry for more than 40 years having started “accidentally” in the 1970s. Uncle Khor is also one of Great Eastern Life’s Recruiting Ambassador where his main role is to guide new agents entering this industry. He runs and owns H.H. Khor & Associates, a Million Dollar agency in Penang. His rags-to-riches story is unique in that he has personally experienced hardships and disappointments while growing his agency – but he is also an excellent mentor and teacher, someone you should really have if you’re keen to succeed in this industry.

Uncle Khor has a unique ability to grow leaders over the past 40 years with a special brand of honesty, integrity and perseverance. He started just like everyone else. Yet he managed to grow his agency and stay focused in this industry for more than three decades because he says,”Just as Napolean says, ‘No job can be secure and no achievement can be permanent, unless it is built upon truth or justice’. My style is that of honesty – I prefer to be honest in this career and achieve goals that can be sustained for a long period of time, instead of instant but short-lived successes.” He had, at his peak, some 113 agents and 18 agency managers. His is a unique ability to grow leaders so that they too can lead their own agencies.

Uncle Khor has one aim – to help you get better and better so that you can lead and grow your own team. This is his belief and philosophy the moment he takes you on as a mentee. So you are encouraged and groomed to be a leader and of course, manage your own team and agency.

Not only do we offer lucrative commissions and incentives, you are eligible for reimbursement for academic courses. With Uncle Khor’s team, you are going to discover your highest potential while enjoying a rewarding journey filled with incentive trips, professional courses and continuous motivation. Our training programmes will help you gain professional skills in terms of sales and marketing plus increase your income exponentially.

What our team says

Uncle Khor’s Agency is Like a Home To Me

After so many years I can say that this career has transformed my life. I followed Uncle Khor and learnt from him how to build a solid agency. Uncle Khor’s agency is like a home to me with a good mix of experienced and energetic people. You will definitely love being here!
William Tan
Group Sales Manager
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