Is your business protected?

Your business which you have built up over the years needs to be protected too. If your business has important people that you can’t do without, you need to protect them too. When you protect them, you are essentially protecting your business too!  

Coverage for your business gives you peace of mind especially when you are running a successful business with lots of employees.

When you are adequately protected, you are being responsible towards your stakeholders, partners,  shareholders and employees. 

Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Keyman Business Insurance

If your business relies heavily on a few key people, it’s smart to invest in coverage. Coverage in the form of Keyman insurance plans protects you, the business owner, should anything happen to your key staff. Keyman insurance lets you weather the unfortunate storms with the provision of funds while you find the right staff replacement. 

General Business Insurance

Your business can be protected from theft and dishonest acts by your employees besides the usual insurance for property damage and fire hazards. This protects your business in the case of unforeseen events, accidents and disasters. A customised plan can be tailored to fit your needs. Ask us for details. 

Business Vehicle Insurance

If you or your employees use cars, trucks or other vehicles in the course of running the business, you will need a commercial auto insurance or business vehicle insurance. It covers personal injury and property damage as well as the loss of use of the vehicle in the case of an accident. 

Medical Insurance for Employees

If employees are your company’s most vital assets, protect them with a group medical insurance. After all, the key to attracting and retaining great employees is a good employee benefits plan and this includes medical insurance which looks after their health needs. Our insurance plans cover your employees 24 hours, worldwide. Some of our plans:

Group Term Life Assurance – Covers death, total and permanent disability (TPD), extended death/TPD or terminal illness due to any cause.

Group Living Assurance – Provides protection against 30 critical illnesses.

Group Personal Accident – Covers death, total or permanent disablement arising from accidental causes.

Group Long Term Disability Insurance – Covers expenses incurred as a result of hospitalisation / surgery due to illness or injury.

Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance – Covers expenses incurred as a result of hospitalisation / surgery due to illness or injury.

Ask us about the supplementary riders too such as coverage of hospital delivery expenses (for maternity benefits), coverage of dental treatments and coverage of managed care (for treatment at a panel of network clinics).

Unsure which insurance coverage plans are best for you? Contact us!