Uncle Khor & Thenextgen Advisory

Uncle Khor & Thenextgen Advisory

Uncle Khor refers to Mr Khor Hock Hui, an insurance industry veteran. He has been in the insurance industry for more than 44 years having started this career by accident in the 1970s. He is now joined by TheNextGen Advisory which is under his one and only daughter, Khor Pee Lynn.

Together they run and manage Agency Khor Hock Hui & Khor Pee Lynn, a Million Dollar agency in Penang. Their agency ranks among the top 5% of Great Eastern agencies across Malaysia and Uncle Khor is one of the 10 exclusive recruiting ambassadors for Great Eastern Malaysia, a testament to his ability to grow successful agents!

Building The Million Dollar Dream Team

At Thenextgen Advisory, we have a proven track record of creating successful leaders together with Uncle Khor.

Our team consists of:

  • 10 Group Agency Managers
  • Million Dollar Round Table Achievers
  • AKARD Winners
  • MDLA Winners
  • Supremacy Qualifiers
  • SES Qualifiers

Uncle Khor is one of the 10 pioneer Great Eastern Life Recruiting Ambassadors across Malaysia where he guides new insurance agents to succeed like him!

Join us to experience your own personal transformation and growth!

Do You Want To Triple Your Income?

Opening of the new office for Thenextgen Advisory in Menara Northam, Penang in 2022.

Uncle Khor & Thenextgen Advisory is about family. It is, after all, a father-daughter business.

For more than 40 years, Uncle Khor has mentored, trained and groomed more than 113 successful agents and 18 agency managers (and the number keeps growing) over the years.

He truly wants to help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be – a leader of your own team and more than that, a leader of the highest character with honesty, integrity and empathy.

Uncle Khor is joined by his daughter, Khor Pee Lynn of Thenextgen Advisory. Pee Lynn started out working for a bank and later, joined a multinational company but she became intrigued and a little sceptical when her father claimed he could triple her salary – the one she was making in the corporate world – if she took the bold step to join him in the industry. Pee Lynn’s own story of joining the insurance industry is worth listening to (she tells the story in the video below) because she had often resisted her father’s invitation to join the industry.

Today, she has more than tripled her income. Having joined the insurance industry and loving its freedom and perks, Pee Lynn cannot imagine another life – she now leads her own team under her own company, Thenextgen Advisory.

Making A Difference In People’s Lives

Income aside, she began to appreciate how insurance helps people in their most dire situations in life. She feels empowered to help her clients when they’re most in need and that’s what keeps her motivated to grow her team. Interestingly, her engineer husband boldly joined the insurance industry after seeing his wife’s multiple successes in the industry.

Thenextgen Advisory with Uncle Khor is truly a family affair! (Her mother, Mrs Khor, has always been helping her husband as she, as a former nurse, was familiar with medical insurance matters.)

The combined strengths of two different generations offer a clear advantage. Their diversity and robustness mean you will always have support and community. And your biggest advantage is getting multi-generational experience and knowledge from people who truly care about your success.

“I want to empower our team with confidence, training and skills so that they can take care of their loved ones, live a financially great life and realize their bucket list dreams. Join us!”
Khor Pee Lynn, Thenextgen Advisory

What our Team Says

This Agency Is Home To Me

After so many years I can say that this career has transformed my life. I followed Uncle Khor and learned from him how to build a solid agency. Uncle Khor’s agency is like a home to me with a good mix of experienced and energetic people. You will definitely love being here!
William Tan
Group Sales Manager

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