Considering A Career In The Insurance Industry?

Uncle Khor & Thenextgen Advisory can help you overcome your biggest challenges in the insurance industry especially if you’re considering a career change!

Is The Insurance Industry The Right One For You?

Let’s find out if the insurance industry is the right fit for you with our Great Eastern Talent Search (GETS) tool. GETS uncovers your individual competencies to ensure you have the right aspirational competencies needed to perform as a financial sales advisor in our industry. Answer a simple list of questions. After that, you will receive your personalised report. This free assessment tool helps you figure out if a career in the financial industry is right for you.

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Come In For A Chat & Coffee

Uncle Khor and Thenextgen Advisory are based in Penang, Malaysia. If you’d like to have a preliminary chat (and coffee with us), visit our office at Menara Northam, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. We can outline what you can be capable of and help you chart your path in the financial industry if you are looking to increase your income levels and satisfaction in life!

We are a recognised

Great Eastern AAA Awards agency in Malaysia


A multi-generational agency that is focused on growing YOU

Uncle Khor is the first-generation agency owner who is still actively running the agency. He is joined by his daughter, Khor Pee Lynn, who runs her own advisory named Thenextgen Advisory. Together they are a multi-generational agency offering more than 40 years of experience and knowledge plus youthful energy, ideas and creativity empowering you to grow in this fast-paced and exciting industry!

We are a Great Eastern AAA Awards agency which means our agency is one of the most admired among all Great Eastern agencies in Malaysia. Join our team and let’s grow your income and potential!

What our Team Says

This Agency Is Home To Me

After so many years I can say that this career has transformed my life. I followed Uncle Khor and learned from him how to build a solid agency. Uncle Khor’s agency is like a home to me with a good mix of experienced and energetic people. You will definitely love being here!
William Tan
Group Sales Manager

Are You Destined For This Industry?

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Campaign Code: CPN1897
A/C: 3009240